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That balloon accurately sums up my thoughts.


Do you need a manicure??? on Flickr.

I need *that* kind of manicure.

Whelp. We should talk about this, shouldn’t we, internet?

Via Grist, from Katie Bradley’s Etsy shop.


Pancake Tortoise

- TortoiseSupply

Here’s another slow joke for you.

Here’s another slow joke for you.


"Mama, seriously…you and your fetish…"


"Stop it, mama!!!!!!! I’m not cute!!!! I hate cute >o<"

Oh my dear, my dear!! you’re just tsundere. You’re adorable, not cute ok? :’>

"He he he he …. I’ll hide under this tree so mama can’t make me do weird things anymore… How brilliant!!!!!!!"

Yeah~~~~~~ This is story of my baby~~~~~~~~ :’))))))


Happy birthday to my tortoise Fredric (today) and Paco (Feb 11th) both turn 2 years old !!!!
For their birthdays I decided to do a medieval photo shoot . Everything made by hand looks ghettotastic but whatever I tried my hardest and made it look good.
  I even added my daughter who is almost 4 months named Libby.
   It was fun doing the photoshoot but kind of stressful getting all the stuff done before now been kind of busy.
    Just kind of shocked that I’ve had both my pets are 2 years now and they are amazing.
    I just wish I could do better on the castle and the background stuff but its been cold here couldn’t do it outside and I did what I could with little money.

So happy birthday my zoo two years strong: 3