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تصويري لسلحفة اختي غدير 🐢
طبعاً هذي الدعوه حق عيد ميلادها صار عمرها سنه.
انا ماصار لي كذا ولا احد عبرني بالكذب بس دنيا حظوظ 😕💔💔.

I don’t know what this says, but that’s one heck of a turtle party.


Soroche on Flickr.


Extremely Photogenic Turtles

We’ve only had antibiotics for two days, and already Grimm’s got a lot more energy and more spunk…

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Baby turtle running to the safety of the sea shore.


A baby turtle is released into the exhibit tank at Melbourne Zoo.

Photograph: David Caird/Rex Features