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Huge banana or tiny tortoise? Picture via This Is Literally Bananas.

Over at BuzzFeed there’s a new game up that asks users to draw (or photoshop) captchas. I got “Frederick ximegoo” (whatever the hell that means) and ended up drawing this with the following caption:

Turtles lack vocal cords, so the easiest way to translate from English to turtle is pronounce words as if you are choking on burning hot mashed potatoes. It is *extremely* important to make sure that you are simulating mashed and not baked potatoes for that extra gurgly quality. 

Here’s an example of how English should be pronounced for turtles. Frederick, your typical disgruntled turtle laborer*, retrieves swamp goo for scientists who convert it into a highly efficient form of green energy. Whenever the scientists call Frederick, they simply yell “FREDERICK, GIMME GOO!” Or in turtle, “FREDERICK, XIMEGOO!” Now, do you see how mashed potato-y that is? 

*Part of the reason Frederick is so disgruntled is that he prefers to be called “Fred,” but the scientists can’t seem to remember this.

Just in case you were curious about the insane person you follow. Feel free to join in here: Draw with Captcha.


Ah, more turtles. I spent a long time waffling about what their expressions in the final panel should be; apparently I think indignant cannibalism is funnier than smug cannibalism. 

I read Kevin Tang’s list of 42 Web Comics You Need to Read and this Crawdads Welcome strip was definitely the best of the lot.

The trespassing turtle (center) is one of 21 animals that have no respect for authority. Click through for the rest of the pictures.

Over at BuzzFeed we’re playing a little game. Cates asked us to look at the object immediately to the right and explain how we would use it to survive the Zombie Apocalypse. I think I’m all set, don’t you?

If you want to play along, check out the thread.

This serene sea turtle comes from 28 Stunning Cinemagraphs to Put Your Mind at Ease. Click through the see the rest. 

This serene sea turtle comes from 28 Stunning Cinemagraphs to Put Your Mind at Ease. Click through the see the rest. 

So, what adorable creature represents your state? State reptiles from Illinois, Nevada, and North Carolina pictured above. Check out the rest of the list: Meet Your State’s Most Influential Animal Representative.

Pictures via the BuzzFeed link.

BuzzFeed DIY launched today. I expected it to be all crafty and fun. The tortoise wearing a sweater is just the icing on the cake.

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Cates is in rare, indecisive form tonight, much to my amusement. 

Did you know you can get turtle badges on BuzzFeed? It is the best thing.