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Skateboard Photoshoot: Behind the Scenes, Part 3
(Parts 1 and 2; the best photos here)

Skateboard won’t cooperate? No problem, Lunchbox sat on that silly skateboard and chilled instead.



Softshell turtle. They burrow underground, lifting their heads occasionally to breathe.

Why, hello!

That balloon accurately sums up my thoughts.


My dad emailed me these photos today

I miss Squirtle

First photo: stuck swinging on wires

Second photo: using the shelf and skirting board to try to climb the wall


The cabs of the animal kingdom


I made a new friend at the reptile expo today! We had a good cuddle and then she was on her way.


Australian Snapping Turtle Hatchlings are the First Ever Born in Any Zoo!!!

The excitement began in September, when the National Aquarium’s female Australian snapping turtle (Elseya dentata) laid her eggs.  The staff immediately gathered the eggs and placed them in an incubator, where they were closely monitored.  On the morning of February 14, the first hatchling emerged from its egg!  Since then, seven other little turtles have hatched.

Aquarium staff have observed healthy behaviors in all the hatchlings, including swimming and basking in open areas.  The hatchlings will remain behind the scenes until they are large enough to move into exhibits.  At hatching, the turtles weighed less than one ounce (24 g).  As adults, they will weigh more than 11 pounds (5 kg).  

The National Aquarium is the only aquarium in the United States to exhibit this species, as well.

(via: ZooBorns)

Photo Credit:  National Aquarium


A yawner by Timothy33

Hi guys. I apologize for being away. I have some IRL stuff going on and it’s preventing me from checking Tumblr as often as I want to.

Here’s a turtle to make up for things.


Do you need a manicure??? on Flickr.

I need *that* kind of manicure.