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Whelp. We should talk about this, shouldn’t we, internet?

Via Grist, from Katie Bradley’s Etsy shop.


This is Taco, my Russian Tortoise, dressed up as a taco.

(made by www.etsy.com/shop/MossyTortoise)


Incase you wanted to buy your tortoise some new digs …

I know I reblogged some of these before, but they’re still fantastic. Does someone make these for snapping turtles?


Attack of the flying tortoises comic now available to buy in the A Little Lost Folksy shop - This is a surreal mini comic about an attack of flying tortoises. The comic is in Russian but comes with an English translation card.


New turtles in the shop! Introducing Aquila, Perseus, and Cassiopeia!

Turtles might be my favorite pattern to make. There’s just so many different color combinations to try!

I love these.

Ninja turtles come in chintz now. By Fairyhome on Etsy.


Another Small Clockwork Turtle.  I’ve been on a bit of a turtle kick.

I approve.

So, Suegray Fitzpatrick makes silver necklaces based on Victorian wax seals. I’m rather fond of this one.