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We made a friend
But he was shy

Wow, is that a Blanding’s Turtle?


montse grillo photographs grean sea turtle affection in the waters off the canary islands


(via awkwardsituationist)

I’m having a tough time lately. I know there are a lot of asks I haven’t answered. I apologize for that. I don’t mean to leave you or your pets hanging.

If you suspect your turtle or tortoise is suffering from a medical problem, you should consult a qualified herp vet ASAP. That’s always the best course of action.

For identifications and general good advice about husbandry, please consult http://www.chelonia.org.

And if you just need reassurance that things will be OK, I recommend this video. For whatever reason, a tortoise’s small act of kindness is allowing me to keep it together.


Friendship (Pac Man Frog & Red Ear Slider)

Photo by Shikhei Goh

For once the turtle is not the taxi but the rider. Justice at last?

Sure, why not?

Hedgehog and tortoise, via Reddit.

Remember the Turtle at the Bottom of the Stack: A seriously awful poem and advice on friendship, by me. Picture by draik88 at DeviantArt.