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Skateboard Photoshoot: Behind the Scenes, Part 3
(Parts 1 and 2; the best photos here)

Skateboard won’t cooperate? No problem, Lunchbox sat on that silly skateboard and chilled instead.


cute turtle sun bathing on an elder’s back.

photography 2014 © debora smail


TURTLE!  I’m uploading two of basically the same pictures mainly because the blue polish I was using has this awesome effect where it reflects purple and is really hard to get a picture of…That polish is Orly Angel Rain.  REALLY pretty but darn its hard to get a decent picture of it!

I. Well. Damn, where’s my nail polish?


Red-eared Slider Turtles (by FarOutFlora)

Synchronized basking, yo.


Today marks 10.5 years with my human! To celebrate, here is a look back at my 10th birthday party in July. My human made me a cake and got me giant candles! You can watch me eat my cake and see lots more photos right here.

My human and I don’t know exactly when my hatchday is, so we celebrate the day I adopted my human. I still had my egg tooth when that happened, so my party day isn’t far off from my real hatchday.

P.S. If you are wondering how I am still so small after 10 years of chomping my human’s fingers, I have a metabolic growth disorder, probably genetic. I am growing, just much much slower than a normal turtle. It is another way that I am extra special!


A merry Christmas feast to all!

So I know it’s not Christmas anymore, but…