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An old video I made of my turtle, Trip. I don’t have Trip anymore, I had to give her away because she was too tough to look after (I would have kept her but she was quite bratty— she’d always drown the expensive filters we’d buy and they weren’t able to clean her water anymore, so I’d be having to clean her tank every day rather than once a week.)

Even though she was super bratty and stubborn, she was my bratty and stubborn turtle. Now she has a nice home somewhere else (at least when I last heard from them she did). Still, I miss her so much.

(She was named after the Engineer from Star Trek Enterprise, before i knew she was a girl!)

In other news, people are leaving me videos in #turtlefeed. :)


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Gameraaaaaa! GAMERAAAA! GA-ME-RA

This is what my day is like, you know.

Considering this video documents the trials and tribulations of sea turtles from egg to adult, it’s awfully adorable. This was originally part of Scott Gass’s Ted Ed lesson called The Survival of the Sea Turtle. (via BuzzFeed)

This is an experiment to see whether drivers are willing to break for turtles, snakes, and spiders in the road. No animals were harmed, but a rubber snake was kidnapped. 

Jedi Turtles are back.